Golf Holidays in Cyprus- A Fantastic Experience

Those who enjoy golf need to spend their holidays doing what they love. Cyprus is a beautiful country and a good place for those who like to play golf. If you are good at the game or you want to challenge yourself, Cyprus is the country to visit. It has amazing golf courses where you would love to go with your friends for golfing retreat. Cyprus also serves the purpose of enjoying spectacular views from the villas you would want to stay at. It is a peaceful country where you can relax and enjoy in the luxurious hotels. Here are few of the golf courses you could choose from:

Aphrodite Hills
Named after Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, this place has won awards for its amazing development which incorporates an integrated golf experience. The real estate is profound and offers a luxurious experience. The golf course is 18-hole championship standard with 350m practice range which has double ends. There are 4 target greens which include bunkers, 3 academy holes. You will also have professional golf instructors there to help you practice and learn. A clubhouse is there to enroll in which has the bar, restaurant, and terraces having the amazing view of greenery around. If that wasn’t enough, there is also one famous signature hole which goes down across the canyon towards a ground filled with greenery and big olive trees.playing golf
Minthis Hills Golf Club
Located in the twelfth-century monastery, this golf club has 18-hole championship course as well. With a tranquil setting, you will get to play a challenging game while enjoying the entrancing views of the course. It is 550m above sea level and incorporates large trees and different water features to make it a difficult game. This is the oldest golf course in Cyprus as it was designed in 1994 by Donald Steel. It also includes practice facilities and a clubhouse to make your experience much better.
Secret Valley Gold Club
It is also an 18-hole golf course and is named Secret Valley because it is hidden in a valley near the birthplace of Aphrodite. It enthralls an amazing view surrounded by trees, massive hills and rock formations which are quite dramatic. It measures around 5904m.
Elea Golf club
This club will offer you a world-class golf experience as it has a par 71 course which was designed by Sir Nick Faldo who is known as a legend. It incorporates some features which will make your game a bit challenging. Not only this, you get to enjoy the magnificent views of the Mediterranean while you are enjoying your game. In the golfing map, it is at the leading position as it pays an intricate attention to little details. It is the reason why people prefer Elea gold club when coming to Cyprus.
To make sure you have full knowledge of  different golf club components & golf game,if you beginner than grab some basic knowledge from golf guides zone and go to golf course.Whatever you may choose out of these or the other golf clubs situated in Cyprus, you sure will return with better skills and techniques and a fantastic experience.


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8 Tips For Traveling With Luggage From Airport To Hotel

You have finally landed, and you are all set to step out of the flight with your luggage. It is no doubt that a flight journey is much systematic and planned, but confusions can arise anywhere. You need to be very cautious while traveling with your luggage from airport to your hotel. Before book the hotel for your stay make sure they must offer excellent hotel management services even including taxi services so that you can have a perfect stay at hotel. These tips will guide you for a perfect journey to your destination. Tips are given below:

         1.Understand the security check: Prepare yourself for the security check. It will be some hassle for you to wait in the queue, but it’s worth it. The custom and security are for our safety, and so you need to learn the security terms of after landing.

         2.Understand the restrictions: If you wish to take care of your luggage, then make sure what you  are carrying. There are certain restrictions on carrying heavy luggage. Also, check what  products you can buy duty-free.

         3.Check the label of your baggage: Once you land at the airport, check your baggage well. Confirm if the suitcase belongs to you. Many people often carry similarly branded luggage,  and it confuses with which belongs to us; it would be wise to label your suitcase.

         4.Check the contents of your bag: To be safe, check the contents of your bag to ensure that  everything is intact. In the case of any damage, you can report to the airport authorities and follow their procedure.Label fragile on bags that contain fragile items.

         5.Note your cab number: Most people often fail to make a note of the cab number. Do that at priority as soon as you are out of the airport waiting for your cab. The cab number and driver’s details will be used in case of emergency situations such as forgotten luggage in the  cab.

         6.Choose your luggage properly: One of the most important things for a safe journey with safe luggage is that you go for a roller-board suitcase. It easily fits into the overhead with the handle. This leaves more space for the passenger to fit more bags.

         7.Go for a soft handbag: Keep your necessary items like your credit cards, passport, VISA  papers, cosmetics, and gifts in your handbag so that you can carry these with you throughout the journey.

         8.Put your contact information: Put your contact details inside and outside every luggage of yours.It is extremely important for personal security checks and reasons. You don’t have to necessarily out your residential address if that scares your privacy but, you can always mention the hotel’s name that you are planning to check-in, so before taking some these steps you need to prepare for it that just can be fulfill through our best travel luggage reviews we held after deep researched.


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